Responsibility is key

Striving for climate neutrality, using recyclable packaging and caring for animal well-being are concrete examples of the strategy of Hochland Polska. To develop harmoniously in this day and age, it is necessary to keep nature and man in mind.


Sustainability is no longer just a trending word. It is the only responsible way to act and respond to rapidly changing consumer needs. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding towards companies and want them to create and sell products with the environment, animal well-being and closed-loop economy in mind. At Hochland Polska we are well aware of this.

For the Hochland Group as a whole, sustainability means first and foremost finding a balance between economic growth, improving quality of life and caring for the environment. Sustainability has been important to Hochland for many years and remains one of the five pillars of our strategy. Nature and environment are of particular importance to the dairy industry. Hochland forms an important part not only of this industry, but also of the environment in which it operates.

Our company’s extensive pro-environmental activities and the implementation of innovative sustainable measures and projects are a trend-setter for the entire industry and define the direction a mature, conscious business should take. Sustainability consists of measures such as striving for climate neutrality, introducing recyclable packaging to the market and caring for the well-being of animals.

We invite you to read our report.

Open report


Hochland Polska Sustainability Strategy Report from 2021 is available here: open the 2021 report

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