“At Natec, I experience engineering at its best! We are always taking on new challenges and move forward together. Our strength: a sense for technology.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Tobias Schädler, mechanical design engineer

What do we prefer to say to career starters? "Congratulations. You're all set ‒ say Cheese!"

Do you share our passion for cheese? Do you want to become part of the ambitious Hochland family and arouse people's interest in our products around the world? Then start directly in one of our various entry-level positions. Or prepare yourself as a trainee for a responsible role in a specialist area.


You can get in directly...

  • without vocational training, as an apprentice in our production.
  • after vocational training, as a skilled worker in our production and technology department.
  • after an internship or first job experience, as an assistant/junior in our administration.
  • as a university graduate with specific internships or additional vocational training.
  • with good German language skills, of course.

As a trainee you can ...

  • prepare systematically for a certain target position during a two years trainee program after completing your bachelor's or master's degree (dual study at Hochland inclusive) - with permanent employment and attractive remuneration.
  • develop your program individually with the department. Cornerstones are:
    • multi-month assignments in departments
    • a three-months stay outside the department
    • a one to three months foreign assignment
    • project work
    • internal personnel development measures (mentoring, project management training, etc.)
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