Our most important Raw Material ‒ Sustainable Milk Production

Milk is the most important raw material for Hochland: There’s no cheese without milk. And there’s no milk without cows.

Consumers and customers are increasingly asking critical questions about sustainable milk production. They are not just concerned with the quality of the milk and dairy products they consume, but they also want to know under which conditions the animals live that supply the valuable raw material for our products.

In this potential area of conflict, every milk producer and every dairy company has to find their way facing the expectations of customers and consumers, the demands of the market and the essential of safeguarding the future of farms and companies. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to bring all wishes and ideas under one roof.

Despite all discrepancy, it is important for us at Hochland to recognize opportunities and to seize them, together with our milk producers. Find out here which steps we have already gone on this path:

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