“My cooperative study programme at Hochland is my personal success story, because if the whole experience is right, it makes studying a lot easier.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Vanessa Weber, Trainee Marketing / Sales Customer Brands

You want to get a taste of the work of a cheese maker during your studies?

With pleasure! We like talents who put their nose in our affairs. That's why we show you during your internship or work student activity, what is important to us and what opportunities you will have with us after graduation.

Because that's what we want: that you show initiative and a lot of interest, that you contribute with your personality and your ideas to our business and that you recommend yourself as a potential trainee or direct entrant after your studies. At the same time, you should use your time with us to take a close look at us as an employer. Do you fit in our corporate culture? Are we meeting your expectations? Do we offer you the necessary freedom? These are questions you should find answers to.

By the way: We also propose topics for your bachelor or master thesis. Current offers can be found in our job overview.

Your new field of study: Hochlandish!

There are several ways to refresh your studies with exciting Hochland practice: as an intern, student trainee or as part of your bachelor/master thesis. How you will spend your time when working with us and what will be your benefit? We will tell you!


Whether you are doing a mandatory or a voluntary internship with us: You should have between 3 and 6 months time to get to know our working world. In return, we give you our full attention. You will be integrated in a team, gain valuable experience in your professional life and can apply your study knowledge in practice. Also, you bring in your own ideas, take in charge specific tasks and get to know in short time the procedures and interdependencies in an internationally successful company in the food industry. You will receive attractive remuneration and benefit from intensive networking (intranet, communities, etc.) and other amenities at Hochland.

Working student positions

Every now and then we are looking for students who will accompany us over a longer period of time and grow into an active role within the company while during their studies - and thus recommend themselves for a start in our company after graduation. You will find out in our job portal whether and where we currently offer you this kind of options.

Final Theses

Are you looking for a reliable practice partner for your bachelor or master thesis? Then talk to Hochland an raise your topic! Just call or send us an email - and find out if we like your suggestion. You are still looking for inspiration? Then apply for one of the offers that we regularly publish on our job portal and that are linked to an internship. Maybe the topic of your interest is shortlisted.

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