Our Charity Strategy

Involvement in society and actively helping to shape it ‒ that suits the tradition of Hochland. We focus our commitment to the common good mainly on projects at our headquarters in Heimenkirch. Via our local involvement, we can accompany the funded projects and get in personal contact any time.

Above all, we want to promote projects that benefit children and adolescents.

Hochland is committed to this purpose with monetary donations in donations in kind. For organisational reasons, these are awarded in the name of the holding company Hochland SE. In addition, the company, employees and shareholders are committed personally, for example by volunteer work.

The subsidiaries of Hochland SE abroad also promote social and cultural projects at their sites.

We are currently revising our charity strategy. We want to examine whether and in which way an engagement beyond the borders of our national companies will fit us as an international group of companies.

Here are some examples from Germany:

Further solar lamps for Africa

Hochland has decided to support the "Light for Africa" project with a donation of 5,000 euros in 2020 as well. 900 kits with lampshades made from Almette kegs were delivered to Mozambique some time ago. These are assembled on site by local employees. The solar lamps help the people to handle their everyday life better. For example, they can still study or work in the evening. The idea for the project came from Walter Zöhling, Herbert Siegler and Siegfried Popp, two former engineers and a retired vocational school teacher. And the project goes on - the next delivery will be to Sierra Leone, where the solar lamps are also going to be used. So Hochland's donation comes at just the right time: "We are totally surprised by your donation. We can only be amazed and are totally grateful”, wrote Herbert Siegler. Dennis Bangalie, the coordinator in Sierra Leone, and his team are looking forward to receiving the kits.

Wanted: Stem cell donors

After a first company typing in 2014, we started another typing campaign in 2019. This time we were able to mobilize 116 new potential stem cell donors in our company - after 350 registrations in the first campaign five years ago. The laboratory costs of €4,060 were again covered by Hochland. The campaign in cooperation with the “Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei DKMS” had the motto "Heroes wanted". The employees of the plants of Hochland Deutschland GmbH in Heimenkirch and Schongau and E.V.A. GmbH in Oberreute were involved.

Almette provides "Light for Africa"

Two engineers and a vocational school teacher had a fabulous idea: Walter Zöhling from Lindenberg, Herbert Siegler from Wangen and Siegfried Popp from Freilassing have developed an environmentally friendly solar system. In future, it will provide "Light for Africa", this is the name of the aid project. The three pensioners have set up the aid project on a voluntary basis. What does that have to do with Hochland? The answer is quite simple: Hochland provided 4,000 Almette kegs to be used as lampshades. We also support the project with a donation of 5,000 euros. This not only co-finances lamp kits, but also the training of local workers who will find a job in this project and will be able to earn a living.

2nd place for Hochland runners

It has become a beautiful tradition: Every year, Hochland employees participate in the running competition taking place in their hometown Heimenkirch ‒ and use this opportunity for fundraising. This year, 33 runners were at the start on behalf of Hochland. They completed 239 rounds in total and finished second after the runners of the local elementary school. As the company paid 3 Euros a round, a donation rounded up to 750 Euro was handed over to the “Kinderbrücke Allgäu”. The regional organisation helps children and families in need in an unbureaucratic way.

Hochland employees donate almost 15,000 euros

The original idea was to ask Hochland colleagues to pay "20 cents for a plastic bag": Five years ago, this was the starting point for a fundraising project. Since then, the Hochland employees do not only donate a small amount for each plastic bag they need for their cheese shopping, the deposit due for beverage cans is also collected. And several times, Hochland colleagues donated their bonus payments from the continuous improvement process. This is how, in the last five years, almost 15,000 Euros have been collected and donated to various institutions such as the „Kinderbrücke Allgäu”, the children's hospice St. Nicholas in Bad Grönenbach and others. The fundraising campaign at Hochland continues.

Shareholders create a special logo

Just like the company Hochland, the Hochland shareholders are also involved in local social projects as well as in environment protection projects. For their communication related to charity projects, the Hochland shareholders have created a special logo, representing the "Hochland family".


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