“I was warmly welcomed, am going through a lot of departments, and work in a relaxed, informal environment with great colleagues.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Franziska Weiß, Apprentice Industrial Business Management Assistant

After school is before your entry to Hochland

Are you interested in a classical apprenticeship in the commercial, technical or dairy sector? Are you looking for a reliable partner for your dual degree program? Welcome to Hochland! We are happy to welcome ambitious talents willing to learn who choose us as their employer. What we expect from you? That you take the pros and the fascinating personalities in your team as role models, so that you will soon assume the typical Hochland spirit.

Be aware that your working time is lifetime ‒ and do your best to use this time wisely.

What speaks in our favor:

  • Doing an apprenticeship at Hochland means a great variety. Because as an apprentice you will get to know different departments at Hochland and in our partner companies.
  • We take care of you intensively, but still let you "do". Because we want you to take personal responsibility.
  • We give you enough time to learn, for example to prepare your exams.
  • As an apprentice or student in a dual degree program, you can benefit from our flexible working time models, our good social benefits and our canteen.
  • Not to forget: An apprenticeship at Hochland is something you can talk about, due to our good reputation and our competence as trainers.
  • What you will do after you’ve passed your exams? ‒ Well, join one of our teams. Trainees are guaranteed a two-year-contract after their training period.
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