We think in generations

We are aware of our responsibility as a family business. For us, sustainable business means that we do not base our decisions on short-term profits, but on whether they are right for future generations. We feel responsible for people and the environment. What we do, is done with regard to our children and grandchildren.

Environmental protection, economic and social sustainability are firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of Hochland. That doesn’t just apply since yesterday: After all, Hochland was the first company in the dairy industry in Germany, whose production plant was certified according to the EU Eco-Audit Regulation (now EMAS) in 1996.

Hereafter, we introduce the sustainability activities of Hochland Deutschland GmbH. Because when it comes to sustainability, Hochland Deutschland with their production sites in Heimenkirch and Schongau play a pioneering role within the Hochland Group.

Here are three examples of our sustainability targets of Hochland Deutschland GmbH for the next few years:

  • Environmental 
    Evidence-based determination of the climate footprint for milk in various milk collection areas (Upper Bavaria, Upper Palatinate, Lorraine/France).
  • Social 
    Reduction of (near) occupational accidents at the Schongau and Heimenkirch sites through the introduction of the EVA process and improvement of employee health through the implementation of at least 20 ergonomic measures in 2021.
  • Economy
    Increase of transparency on the sustainability of our product innovations and better valorization of the added value of sustainability by integrating hot-spot analyses in the development process.

Of course, there is much more to tell: For more details on our targets, the measures we've taken to achieve them and previous achievements, please go to our Sustainability Report.

Even though sustainability does not yet have the same importance in the public debate in all countries where Hochland is present, our standards of sustainable and responsible business apply in principle to all Hochland subsidiaries, in Germany and abroad. All locations engage in an intensive exchange and seize the opportunities to learn from each other.

The following topics apply to the entire Hochland Group:

"Inspiring products and enthusiastic customers and consumers are the basis for economic success. In the long term, however, we will only be successful if we behave responsibly towards society and the environment."
Josef Stitzl, Managing Director Hochland Deutschland GmbH
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