From Environmental Protection to Work Safety

The Environmental Statement of Hochland Deutschland GmbH is published every three years. It contains information on environmental protection, work safety, health and energy management, with detailed input and output data.

We will continue to set ambitious goals for the next few years in order to live up to our responsibility for healthy and attractive jobs, for climate protection and sustainable milk production.

Energy Management System

The continuous improvement of all company processes is an integral part of our company philosophy. We consider the effects of business decisions on the environment. With the introduction of energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001, we want to document to customers, employees, suppliers and society a clear commitment to our responsibility in environmental and climate protection.


With the help of our energy management system we can analyze and continuously optimize the energy efficiency of our company processes and reduce CO2 emissions. The tasks resulting from this goal are firmly anchored in all areas, from procurement to production and administration.

The following measures help us achieve our goal:


- We use waste heat by recovering heat from the generation of cold, compressed air and steam

- We optimize the generation of compressed air and its use

- We use energy-efficient drives and pumps

- We use energy-efficient lighting (LED)

- We generate our own electricity with combined heat and power units and photovoltaics

- We use the sewage sludge from our own sewage treatment plant and use it in our biogas plant.
  The gas is used to operate the combined heat and power plant

- We continuously optimize the processes and procedures on our machines

- We train and sensitize our employees

Energy index of Hochland Deutschland GmbH

The energy index shows how much we were able to reduce our energy consumption. The calculation in Heimenkirch is based on how much energy in kilowatt hours we use to produce one ton of cheese finished goods. In Schongau, one ton of processed milk is used as the basis for calculation.

Energy index – Heimenkirch plant

Energy index – Schongau plant

More detailed information on energy can be found in our Environmental Statement (see above) or in the Sustainability Report.

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