Hochland is committed to Compliance

Hochland's success can only be achieved by acting fairly, legally and ethically at all times. The Hochland shareholders and management have always been committed to this. 

Our rules of conduct in dealing with employees and colleagues, with business partners and competitors are laid down in our „Code of Conduct“ in written form, transparent to everyone. They apply and have always applied in Hochland's day-to-day business. Following the "Guidelines for Management and Cooperation", which relate to internal cooperation, Hochland also wants to use the "Code of Conduct" to demonstrate to external parties that responsible, ethical and legally correct actions are of the highest importance in our company. You can download the entire text here for further reading.

Hochland offers employees, business partners and other third parties the TELL US! whistleblower system to report suspected serious misconduct without fear of negative reactions. The information can be submitted anonymously.

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