“The Hochland Group holding is truly international. Our teams pursue a clearly defined goal: a Hochland in which all branches are growing and thriving.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Heidi Früh, International Coordinator

Completely tailored to your taste: The business world of Hochland

There are many good reasons to start with Hochland, and we want them to be heard. Therefore we put all our offers as an employer ahead of you, so that you can pick the topics which really suit your professional level and life planning. It is most important to us to respond to individual employee needs.

No matter where or how you join our team, we will welcome you with open arms in the Hochland family. Provided that you share our passion for the fascinating cheese business.

Well then? Come in to Hochland! Experience our cordial relationships! Find out what makes us unique and what we stand for. And reveal the secret of our joint success! "

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