“Take a holiday at short notice or time off to compensate for overtime? Extending a business trip abroad with a private holiday? No problem at Natec! What more could I want?!”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Gallus Halder, fitter

Working at Hochland pays off in many ways!

The family business Hochland stands for strong brands and financial independence ‒ and is one of the market leaders in the so-called yellow range (in other words: cheese products). Who do we owe our growing success to? Our employees, who bring in their ideas and strengths every day, in order to bring us forward. And who gives a lot, usually gets back a lot. At least this is the case at Hochland. Many of these things you cannot buy for money. Because what distinguishes us an employer is closely linked to our Employer values.

We are family ‒ Successful and changeable

The high appreciation for our Hochlander is reflected in our co-operation every day ‒ and will be visible to new employees on the first day, thanks to our welcoming culture. And when you are with us? Then your effort and achievements will be recognized and appreciated. Because we focus on human beings, not just profit.

  • You want to develop your skills or strike a new path? At Hochland, there is always a door open, since we are open to colorful career paths. If you want to continue your education, to move forward and look beyond the box, we will will be pleased to assist you. At the same time, you have the opportunity to engage, communicate and grow in different (digital) communities.
  • Who works hard, can also party properly. And that is what we do: Whether summer party, Christmas party, anniversary celebration, ski trip, carnival ball or company excursion ‒ we cultivate the conviviality.
  • That our employees remain part of the Hochland family until retirement and beyond is more the rule than the exception. Our anniversary celebrations are just as well attended as our pensioners Christmas party. Many of our retirees also join us on our company excursion, which takes place every five years. By the way, one employee recently retired after 45 years at Hochland.

Flexibility and freedom ‒ Two Pillars of our success

Hochland presents itself as a modern employer and promotes a work culture that takes into account the interests and requirements of the present generations. At every workplace you will find great creative freedom. In our culture of trust, we require independence and personal initiative. Learning from mistakes, solving conflicts and turning them into opportunities ‒ all this is welcome when you work with Hochland.

  • At Hochland, we offer flexible working time models and home office options.
  • You want to change your shift at short notice or take unpaid leave? We will find a solution.
  • Currently we have a part-time quota of 20%.

Hochland cares ‒ not just about its Hochlanders

As a tariff-bound enterprise we are subject to the collective agreement of the Bavarian processed cheese/milk industry and the trade union NGG. A 38-hour work week, company pension, holiday and Christmas bonuses, flexitime and flexi accounts as well as 30-day paid holidays are part of this deal.

In addition, we offer

  • Profit sharing
  • Workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Snack cheese, Easter, Christmas and wedding gifts, anniversary bonus
  • diverse health services
  • Children's holiday program
  • Work-life balance initiatives
  • Support in case of illness, nursing etc.
  • a non-discriminatory culture that promotes diversity

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