“What I do: optimise processes and structures and put things in motion with great colleagues. What makes us stand out: we aren’t just experts in our area, we also have fun.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: André Eger, Team leader Supply Chain Management

Substantial ‒ Hochland as employer

Whether with regard to cheese specialties, locations or people: Hochland presents itself in great variety ‒ and each of them is remarkable in its own way. As an employer, we want to be a reliable partner for you in the long term. Dive in our familiar, collegial working atmosphere. Find out how we tick - and what makes us so successful.

What you can rely on: Our values

Flexibility and freedom ‒ Two pillars of our success
The Hochland recipe for success is homemade: "Hochlander" like to take the initiative and are involved in their project from the idea to its excellent result. In doing so, they are bravely breaking new ground ‒ sometimes across national borders. In short: Hochlander do not hesitate for long when it comes to the development and implementation of fresh ideas. This is how delicious product innovations are created. And this is how our employees sometimes move mountains. Why they can do that? Because they encounter fascinating working conditions and a corporate culture that offers maximum flexibility and freedom.

Hochland cares ‒ not just about their "Hochlanders"
New employees feel in good hands at Hochland from day one. Because they experience right from the beginning that they can reveal their true selves. After all, it is the people, with their rough edges, who make Hochland what it is and what it will be tomorrow. Therefore, appreciative interaction with and between employees is important to us. No question: Hochland cares about its "Hochlander". The result: Many years of service and trusting relationships between employees, supervisors, the company and their customers. Co-operation in a spirit of fairness, honesty and respect is the basis for the delicious Hochland solutions.

We are family, successful and changeable
What distinguishes Hochland with its 90 years of tradition, alongside its attachment to the region and its stability? Change, growth and sustainability! It is the constant change that is the foundation of Hochland's success story. We are a family business, yet not a family run company. This means that our shareholders are not involved in the operative business, but they are very much present in our culture. We make sustainable use of our financial independence and the resulting creative scope: Courageously and ready to take risks, we break new ground and climb new heights, but never without a safety line.

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Our working environment: Excellent!

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