Milk for Hochland ‒ A Project of Hochland Deutschland GmbH

To ensure that they will be able to continue to process high-quality and responsibly produced milk in their plants in the future, Hochland Deutschland GmbH have developed their own quality program called "Milk for Hochland". It consists of the following elements:

  • The dairy farmers are committed to sustainability. The basis is a survey conducted among all milk suppliers who supply the Schongau plant. Based on the results, we are elaborating further development opportunities together with our farmers.
  • The milk suppliers supplying the Schongau plant participate in the program called "QM Milch" (Milk Quality Management). This is a nationwide quality program of the German dairy industry. The participants have to comply with 64 criteria of the QM milk standard. They are audited every three years. The website provides detailed information on this program.
  • The farms produce without genetic engineering. They abstain from genetically modified feed for their cattle. In this way, they meet the requirements for non-GMO dairy cattle farming in accordance with the VLOG standard. VLOG stands for "Association for Food without Genetic Engineering". The farmers’ commitment and efforts are rewarded by Hochland by a surcharge on the regular milk price.
  • At the beginning of July 2018, Hochland and the committees of their milk suppliers agreed that in future no non-selectivel herbicides such as Glyphosate will be used on their fields or grassland which the farms mainly utilise to plant feed for their own requirements. The agreement will enter into force on January 1st,2019.
  • Plastic and food waste should not find their way onto the fields but into the waste disposal. Here, too, Hochland and the milk supply organisations of the Schongau site agree. The parties are unanimously against the recovery of fermentation substrate from biogas plants which process food leftovers, as that leads to plastic particles being spread on the fields and thus reaching the feeding stuff and the rivers. This agreement also comes into force January 1st 2019.



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