Production without Genetic Engineering

All Grünländer products have been non-GMO products since 2011. Hochland Deutschland GmbH and the farmers make a lot of effort to ensure that both the milk used and all other ingredients are produced without genetic engineering. Doing so, Hochland Deutschland GmbH took on a pioneering role in the industry in 2011.

This was just the beginning: Since springtime 2017, only non-GMO milk has been processed at the Schongau plant in Upper Bavaria. All our suppliers have contractually agreed to feed their dairy cows with feed that has not been genetically modified. The processed cheese factory in Heimenkirch is also in a position to offer the entire portfolio in a "non-GMO" variant.

In the same year, Hochland took a pioneering role again in France and in Poland:

In close cooperation with Hochland, 500 French farmers also committed themselves to non-GMO feed on their farms. At our French factory in Dieue-sur-Meuse more than 80 raw materials have been certified and recipes revised accordingly. The packaging also had to be redesigned. At the factory of Fromagerie Henri Hutin, mainly soft ripened cheese is produced.

A few months later, in summer 2017, the production in our plant in Wȩgrów, Poland, also changed to non-GMO production. Hochland Polska is the first company in Poland to be certified according to the German VLOG standard, and the Hochland cheese slices are the only product on the Polish market to carry the corresponding emblem.

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