100% genetic engineering free

Milk processed at our German production sites is produced without genetic engineering. Our contract farmers verifiably do not feed genetically modified crops to their livestock. This means they meet the requirements for GMO-free dairy farming according to the VLOG standard (Verein für Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V.) (Association for Foodstuffs without Genetic Engineering). More about the VLOG standard.

Stopping feed import from overseas  

In mid-2019, we decided together with our contract farmers that their cows would not receive feed imported from overseas. The feed comes exclusively from Europe and is free of genetic engineering. In this way, we are jointly sending out a signal against the undesirable side effects that the import of feed from overseas can entail.

Ban on total herbicides

To protect insects, we decided together with our contract farmers at the end of 2018 that they would not use total herbicides such as pesticides containing glyphosate on the meadows and fields where feed is grown for their farm. 

Fighting plastic on meadows and fields together

By banning the spreading of plastic-containing fermentation substrates on meadows and fields, we are helping to protect the environment. Plastic and spoiled food remains belong in the appropriate bins and not on the fields.

In order to protect meadows and fields, we have spoken out against the spreading of residues from biogas plants (fermentation substrate) if packaged food waste is processed in the plants. We have been acting according to this premise since 1 January 2019 together with our farmers in order to prevent microscopically small plastic particles from entering into the natural life and water cycle.

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