How sustainably is the Milk for Hochland produced?

In 2016, almost all approximately 900 farmers who supply the Schongau plant with milk participated in a survey on the sustainability of milk production. The survey was developed and evaluated together with the Thünen Institute for Business Administration.

It was worth it. Now we know where we are. Thanks to the results, we and our dairy farmers can give specific answers on how sustainably the milk we use is produced.

Our business success is inextricably linked to sustainable milk production. We want and must integrate ecological, social and economic aspects as well as the welfare of the animals in a balanced relationship.

However, sustainable milk production is easier said than done.

Animal welfare and the efficient use of resources can go hand in hand with the economy. However, to build a new cowshed, for example, requires a lot of investment and is not only an economic challenge for dairy farmers.

In the long term, we will only be successful if we behave responsibly towards our milk suppliers and work together to find ways for a sustainable dairy industry. The entire Hochland Group is at the beginning of a challenging journey.

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