“Here it's always lively. We set our strategic course for tomorrow, develop as a team and always keep pace with the times.”
People who have many reasons to smile.
Today: Lars Schmucker, Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

As a cheese specialist, we know that it's your maturity and professional experience that make you unique.

People feel right at home with us from the very first day. Why? Well, maybe because of our strong welcome culture with an intensive training phase and a mentoring program, and perhaps also because of our familial, collegial working atmosphere in which we are allowed to be just ourselves. And all that in the middle of a mountain landscape, with a short journey to  our workplace in an attractive economic region that provides high quality leisure activities.

You have long been a professional in your field and looking for a new challenge? Your experience and matured personality are very popular with us. So let's make common cause! Yes, we have a lot to offer - but we also make high demands on ourselves. Because wide scope for action and a similar diversity of tasks require a high degree of responsibility and independence.

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