Products of Hochland Group start-up to be listed in stationary retail trade - Purely delicious: Beetgold tortillas made from pure vegetables

Consist of 80% of vegetables with many good properties: organic, gluten-free, low carb ‒ Many options to prepare them hot and cold ‒ Beetgold to expand distribution after successful test market.

It all started with an internal Hochland ideas competition. From this, the start-up Beetgold is born, which is selling its tortillas made from pure vegetables in the trade now, almost two years after its founding.

Consisting of 80% of vegetables, Beetgold's pure vegetable tortillas are the delicious and fibre-rich answer to conventional wheat and corn tortillas. The main ingredient is vegetable pomace. It is produced during vegetable juice production and has not been used as food yet. Much too bad, in the young and innovative Beetgold team’s perspective, as pomace contains a lot of valuable ingredients such as fibre, minerals, calcium, potassium and vitamin E. Most of the vegetable's own sugar ends up in the juice. This makes the pomace a great base for a lower-carb diet. The Beetgold tortillas are organic, gluten-free and, of course, purely vegetable!

With the purely vegetable products, you are doing something good for yourself and also helping to reduce food waste.

The idea for the innovative tortillas made from vegetable pomace came from Dr. Matthias Rother, at that time head of process development at Natec, a subsidiary of Hochland. He won an internal competition and was given the opportunity and resources to further develop his product idea. The internal clients were so satisfied with the result that in April 2019 Beetgold GmbH was founded as a start-up within the Hochland Group. Since then, an independent team of product developers, marketing specialists and production experts has been working at full speed to implement and further generate the idea.

The Beetgold purely vegetable tortillas are available in two delicious varieties: carrot and beetroot. As they are free of additives and preservatives, they need to be refrigerated. Consequently, the consumers can find them in the refrigerated shelf. The tortillas are pre-baked and can be directly filled and eaten. Those who prefer eating them in a warm dish can heat them in a pan (without oil!) or in the oven. Sweet or savoury, rolled or folded, with vegetables or meat? Tortilla lovers can find inspiration for a variety of preparation options at

After a very successful test market, the food and organic retail can now order Beetgold tortillas via the first fresh services. "We were surprised how well our product is understood when it is put in the right place: within vegan products, ideally next to fruit and vegetables," reports project manager Matthias Rother. A store finder has been set up on the homepage for consumers. "We want to be authentic and close and communicate directly with our customers and consumers," says Kristin Lebherz. The best way to do that is via social media, the marketing manager believes. Consequently, Beetgold concentrates its communication on these channels.

Until now, the start-up was limited by its production capacities. From March on these will be significantly extended. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a rapid expansion of distribution. The first listings in the stationary retail trade have already been implemented. The products are available in the online shop since mid-2019.

With the pure vegetable tortillas, Beetgold matches the spirit of the time and the desire of many consumers for plant-based, sustainable, healthy and "clean" products that easily and quickly support them in their everyday nutrition. "The positive feedback from the consumers about the Beetgold brand and about our purely vegetable tortillas shows us that we are on the right way," says Kristin Lebherz.

And the pure vegetable tortillas are just the beginning: Beetgold generally stands for the better vegetable-based product alternative, "and new product ideas are already in the pipeline", promises the Beetgold team.

Here you will find the press release for download.

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